Jes Extender Exposed

What exactly is the JesExtender?

The JesExtender is a penis enlarging device that was create by a Danish Doctor named JørnEgeSiana. It has been tested by both doctors and clinicians, whose studies have shown repeatedly how the JesExtender can be used to make your penis bigger. These studies show that the device delivers results that are reliable as long as you properly use the extender.

This is no new device. The JesExtender was created over a decade ago, and the device has been awarded the important CE classification, which is only given to those products and devices that comply with the European Union’s strict regulations.

Not sure if the JesExtender is right for you? Consider the following:

  1. It’s been used by over 100,000 satisfied customers
  2. It’s legitimate: it carries the EU CE classification
  3. Comes bundled with a DVD training program
  4. Iron-Clas Guarantee- if it doesn’t work, get double your money back
  5. Danamedic provides exceptional customer service

Where do Penis Extenders Come From?

The Birth of the First Penis Extender

The first penis extender was developed almost by accident about 14 years ago. It was made by team of medical experts who were looking to create a device that would be able to support and help the penis after enlargement or extension surgeries. Yet, they quickly realized that the device was doing more to extend their patient’s penises than the surgery itself was doing! JørnEgeSiana heard about this, spoke with them and worked to get the rights to this great product which would soon become the JesExtender. It didn’t take more than a couple of months for the JesExtender to sweep the world.

The Original and Still the Best

It’s true there are a number of other enlargers on the market these days, but the JesExtender was the first. The rest out there are just imitators, yet none of them can stand up to the JesExtender’s quality. It’s a Scandanavian produced device that continues to be produced in Denmark to this day. We prefer to keep it that way, as producing this device locally is the only way we can be sure that we only produce the absolute highest quality products.

It’s no surprise that the JesExtender has caused as big a stir in the industry as it has. After all, it’s getting the kind of results that most other companies only dream of, and it has 4 different packages offered to ensure you get what you need to grow as you want to. A combination of in-field results and scientific evidence proves just how well the JesExtender works.

There is no shortage of unethical companies out there that just want to sell you some cheap imitation of this device. For the most part they just don’t do the trick, and often they can be outright dangerous- cheap models, poorly designed in an attempt to make a quick buck from our legitimate scientific breakthrough. Trust me- no matter their marketing hype, they are not nearly as good as our original product.

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