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Penis Enlargement history

Across many cultures and for many thousands of years, men have been looking at ways to enlarge penis. Some of the methods used were very risky and didn’t have guaranteed results. However this isn’t the case anymore. With advancement in all spheres of science and technology, there are methods that can scientifically lead to growth of the penis.

Now penis enlarging for men is no longer just a myth, but a reality. This method can truly give them the satisfaction of seeing their penis grow by as much as 30%, when the exercise and the advice are followed. The method is completely safe and has no side effects.

However, this hasn’t always been the case, since the, methods that were used earlier could even be dangerous to the health and the life of many men. Men have been trying to get bigger penis since the past 2000 years. Many native tribes that belong to Africa have been practicing these methods for thousands of years.

Even as recent as the last century, when scientific methods weren’t available, men used manual exercise for stretching their penis. The various techniques that were used for lengthening the penis included hanging weights on the penis. Another method included cutting a small slit down their shaft. These methods were supposedly beneficial for ensuring that men could achieve longer penises than what they had.

Earlier on Polynesian men are known to have mastered the art of elongating the penis to the size that was preferred by them. They used a sleeve that was woven and was extremely similar to the Chinese finger trap.

As far back as 440 BC, cave paintings have been found that show men using penis enlargement methods. Even in Roman and Greece, Gods as well as important kings and officials were shown having big penis and getting really hard erections which made them seem almost supernatural.

Natural Penile Enlargement Review

Enlarge(length , girth) Enhance(harder, longer, More Intensely Erections&Orgasms) Rating
Penis Enlargement System
Penis Extender/Penis Stretcher
Penis Exercises
Jelqing Devices
Penis Patches
Penis Creams/Penis Oil/Penis Gel
Penis Enlargement Surgery
Penis Pumps/Vacuum devices
Penis Weights

Penis Enlargement methods

How to enlarge your penis? There are various types of methods that are used by men that seek to elongate their penis and achieve satisfaction.

Penis Stretcher / Penis Extender

Penis extenders are traction devices that are even endorsed by the doctors. They are used by men around the world to get longer and bigger penises. When the penile tissues get stretched, the result is a bigger and broader penis due to generation of new tissues and cells in the penis. In this way the penis stretcher helps men to develop a longer penis that has a bigger girth too. This is also a completely natural form of exercising the penis to make it longer. The equipment has been tried and tested and is manufactured from Medical Type 1 materials. It has been seen that the product can enhance the penis by almost 30%.

The penis stretcher devices on the other hand apply a continuous stretching pressure much through traction bars. These traction bars are devised in such a way that they can be fitted at the root of the penis and a band is then attached that slips easily over the top of the penis for the traction effect to take place.

Penis exercise

Exercising the penis is also quite crucial, since this helps in increased flow of blood to the penis. When there is an increase in the flow of blood to the penis, men can achieve rock hard erections. This is a completely safe way of elongating the penis that can be performed in the privacy of a person’s room / bathroom. No outside devices, pills or patches need to be used for performing the exercises. Deepening on how regularity of the exercises performed by men, the tissues of the penis will be elongated.

Penis Enlargement System

Penis Extender System is composed of Penis Extender and Penis Exercises.

Jelqing devices

Jelqing is a popular method that is used by men to elongate their penis. Holding the penis in their hand, men stretch out their penises. This helps the penis tissues to stretch out and develop more tissues. It also helps in improving the blood flow to the penis. In this way the penis becomes stronger, longer and gives better erections. Even though this method is natural, many men feel tired while doing it since it can become arduous to perform the required number of repetitions in order to make the jelqing process successful. Jelqing devices help men to elongate their penis without becoming tired. Jelqing is also known as milking the penis.

Penis patches

Though the patches have been around for the last 30 years, they have recently become popular. Most men consider it as an alternative to the pills that are taken for male enhancement. The patches are for topical application only.

Penis Oil/ Penis Creams/ Penis Gel

These are meant for topical application and can induce almost direct effects. However, the effects don’t last for long. Users should apply it and leave it on the penis for a period of 20 minutes for the effect to take place. The ingredients that are used in penis creams, penis oil and penis gel include known enhancement natural herbs such as L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Asian Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, and Tribulus Terrestris.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

For those that are unhappy with the size of their penis, this should be the last resort. The surgery should be performed by a surgeon that has experience in performing the operation. There are also high risks involved with the surgery. One of the greatest risks that are associated with the surgery is the problem of impotence that can be experienced by some people.
These are the procedure and the devices that are used by men for male enhancement.

Penis Pumps and other Vacuum devices

Vacuum pumps work for short periods of time to increase the size of your penis, but they aren’t really helpful for encounters that you aren’t able to actively prepare for beforehand. They also aren’t very safe, as many people have reported getting scars, getting bruises, sometimes getting gangrene, and all sorts of other penile problems that no one wants.

Penis Weights

Some people attempt to increase the size of their penis by hanging weighs from it every day for up to a half hour or longer. This doesn’t work, as your penis isn’t actually a muscle. In fact, it can be really dangerous to hang weights from your penis. You can get really bad pain in your penis, you can get gangrene or your tendons can dislocate from the pubic bone. Sometimes the weights can cut off the circulation to your penis which can make it so your penis gets infected or so you might have to get it amputated. Weighted penis enlargement methods are very, very dangerous- which makes sense. Most people known inherently that it’s a bad idea to hang weights from their penis.

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  • Penis Pills can help you have Harder, longer lasting erections (Enhancement) but not permanent Enlargement.
  • Penis Stretchers can help you gain inches to your penis.
  • Penis Enlargement System let you gain inches fast.
  • Penis Exercises(include Enhancement Exercises and Enlargement Exercises) can increase your sexual ability and your penis length.
  • Male enhancement products work on two ways: one is penis enhancement pills and second is detailed and unique enhancement exercise programs.

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