Do Penis Pumps Work?

Do penis vacuum pumps work

The underlying principle behind the penis enlargement pumps and vacuum devices is increasing the flow of blood to the penis. The pumps and devices are able to do it through the technique of taking away the air from around the penis and surging enormous quantities of blood to the corpus cavernosa that will lead to rock hard erections. This will also make the penis seem much longer and erect than it actually is.

The only problem with the penis pumps is that the gains are extremely temporary and not permanent. This is the reason that they pumps are used by men for pleasure gains when they wish to engage in sex and maximize their length and have strong and hard erections. An air tight tube is secured around the root of the base. Once the tube has been secured, this is then used pumping out the air out of the penis using a manual hand pump. Once the air is removed from the penile chamber, the blood comes gorging inside and this will help the penis to swell up for a short period of time. However these gains from penis pumping are extremely temporary and don’t have any permanent effects.

Treatment of impotence

For men that experience impotency, doctors suggest the use of vacuum devices. These pumps are placed over the penis and are used for drawing out the air and creating a pressure in the penile chamber. This helps the blood to quickly fill up the penis, much like the way in which erection is achieved. A ring is placed at the bottom of the penis which doesn’t allow the blood to be drained away too fast. These effects of the procedure can be felt only for a period of 24 hours. These vacuum pumps are also used for the male enhancement.

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Dangerous & Side effects

Unfortunately there are many side effects that are associated with the usage of vacuum pumps and penis pumps. Many men use the pumps for getting a good erection and in the process can feel satisfaction during sex. This is a great technique for getting temporary gains during sexual activity.

Penis pumps may cause the following injuries:

  • Lumps – the lumps will appear when incorrect pressure is applied. Sometimes this can lead to nerve damage and even loss of blood circulation.
  • Bruising – when bruising happens, it can lead to uncomfort and pain for men while they are urinating and even when they have erections.
  • Bent Penis – when used without proper supervision and guidance, these pumps can also make the penis bent.

Don’t even think about homemade penis pump or how to make a penis pump yourself. Almost all pumps and devices on the market aren’t designed in the correct way. Some of the poorly designed devices can cause grave injury and even lead to internal bleeding. This will lead to the blood vessels in the penis breaking off. Improper use of the pumps will lead deformities in the urethral structure, Peyronie’s disease, priapism and many more.

Peyronie’s diseases are associated with fibrous plaques that grow in the soft tissues of the penis. This can actually lead the penis to become bent. The curved penis can be extremely problematic for men. This is a congenital problem doesn’t cause any discomfort for men to engage in sexual activity, unless the severity of the problem is immense. When the penis is curved immensely leading to improper functioning, then medical advice should be sought. Penis extenders can also help you solve this problem.

Customer Reviews

let’s see what customer says(from amazon):

I’ve used this pump for over 20 days, watch every penis pump videos and have had absolutely no results. Nothing gained in length or girth, not even a quarter or eighth of an inch. I was hoping that there would be some kind of result, but I should have guessed it wouldn’t have worked when there were no reviews on this product until after I purchased it on January 7th.  – By MulletMan

I tried to taste it. See what happened…wow, it did not work. I am going to say it is scam. Do not buy it. Waste my money this BS!   — By polaroid seeker

What a wast of money…it does nothing…cant even read the writing on the bottle with a magnifier glass… You dont know how to use a penis pump…do you drink it you put it in water or orange juice…do you put it on you penis??? –By Jimmy Misetgis

If you think consuming some liquid will make you larger than you are very gullible and need some help. Lol. I figured let’s see what this is all about and of course it did nothing. It tasted bad also. My dog knocked the bottle over and licked up some of the stuff and his tail grew shortly there after so who knows?   — By Dr paterson


The procedure of using penis pumps and vacuum pumps should be done for those that are suffering from grave impotence and not otherwise. Plus the gains are only temporary. Penis pumps won’t if there are any late night / afternoon surprises by the opposite sex. So they are really not worth the trouble for quick sex.

Penis Extender is a viable option since it’s a safe device that can be controlled. It helps men to achieve proper erections. Since the device provides even traction along the length of the penis, this should be used by men all over the world.

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