Do Penis Enlargement Weights Work?

For those that are interested in increasing the size and girth of their penis, penis weight lifting seems to be a popular choice. However penis weight hanging should be medically supervised as there are dangers of physical damage to the penis, if it’s not done properly. Medical advice should be sought before the starting of the procedure.

There are two types of penis weights that can be used

  • Heavy weights – penis weight need to be worn for a period of 20 – 30 minutes with short breaks. The most challenging issue is to ensure that the weights are suitable hanging from the penis. In this procedure, 2 – 10 pounds (1- 4 kg) weights should be used. Usually men sue the heaviest weight for the penis for a short period of time, which is known as the swim cap method. Devices such as pipe insulation, clamps, surgical lubing tube, adhesive tape and even cloth can be used for insulating the penis from any damages during the procedure.
  • Light weights – lighter weights can be used; however the response and the studies don’t recount any benefits for those using this technique. Since the penis is unlike any other muscle in our body, if the weights are used in an improper manner, then they can cause damage. The weights should be used only for a period of 20 – 30 minutes in a day. If users use the weight for a period greater than this, then this can cause unspeakable damage.

If the weights are used improperly, then it can cause quite a bit of damage such as ligaments becoming torn, bruising, cutting and even scarring of the penis. Sometimes the blood flow to the penis can also be stopped. Done without proper medical supervision, it can easily lead to permanent damage of the penis.

We do not recommend using this method for penis enlargement, it is not worth the risk considering that there are other natural penis enlargement methods. Besides, do you really want to hanging one of these monstrosities everyday?

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