Yohimbe: Why you should not use

Yohimbe is one of the hot topics in the herbal supplement arena today. But what many people don’t realize is that ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘weak’. On the other hand it is strong herbal supplements so have many dangerous side effects which has to be monitored by the physicians to be on the safer side. This means that penis enhancement and libido formulas contains Yohimbe which may be dangerous for the health.

Yohimbe has to been taken in right dose then only it will have effects more accurately but the chances of overdose of the drugs are fairly high. This drug is quite tricky as if you take too little it will not show its effect and taking too much will lead you for the physician advise.

Background and uses

Yohimbe is a tree mainly found in the west Africa and bark of this tree contains Yohimbe in high quantity. In the olden days these were used to treat fever, leprosy and coughs but now a day it is used aphrodisiac and used for the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

What are the risks?

The person who is suffering from low blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, liver or kidney should avoid taking this drug as it can cause many complications. It should also by the people who finds unreasonable side effects of the drugs.
This has been banned by many countries like Australia, Finland Canada and Norway due to its effects of life threating.

What is the alternative?

There are many alternatives for the yohimbe which have same advantages of sex enhancement without any side effects. They helps in fighting impotence,increase libido , helps you in getting harder erections and all this without having, any side effects.

For example epiderdum leaf extract which was used for last 2000 years for sexual and reproductive tonics. They acts in many ways like to increase erection capacity , fullness and size. Epiderdum also contains falvonoid known as icariin. Theses helps in cgmp specific and pde5 inhibitor. This is same type which is found in drug known as Viagra, cialis and levitra. One of the study did in china showed the fact that these inhibitors which can be developed I the form of oral treatment of erectile difficulties.

Other herbs like Asian ginseng root,ginkgo Bilbao, catuaba bark extract, and many seeds which are useful for improvement of sexual activities and performance.

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