Does Penis Size Really Matter?

The importance of penis size continues to be a controversial matter. Some claim penis size do not matter, but others say it does. Both the men who own the penis and the women who receive it argue this point. Magazines frequently feature articles regarding this matter.

But sometimes size really do matter. Gina from Los Angeles has this to say:

“I have been dating a wonderful man, with whom I have so much in comment. I think everything is going great except for the sexual intercourse. When we have sex, I can’t feel his penis inside me. My clitoris do not get the stimulation I need to reach an orgasm. It doesn’t matter if he has the stamina and can keep at it for a long time because I can’t feel his cock.

I can reach orgasm quickly with other partners, but not with him because his penis is so small. I am embarrassed to say it, but his penis is very thin and only about 4 ? inches long. I tell myself that size doesn’t matter because we get along so well, but the truth is that I feel I deserve to have marvelous sex and I need my orgasms.

My orgasm is not the only problem. I am also worried that he can’t feel much when we are having sex, making me feel less of a woman with him. I am not sure what other women will do in this situation but it leaves me confused and upset. Even if we get along so well and everything else is great, the sex is so unsatisfying. What can I do?”

It will be very difficult for a woman to tell the man she is dating and whom she cares about that she can’t feel his penis when having sex. They can try a few things so that she will get her orgasm, but she has to be honest with him and tell him her problem first. Telling him might hurt him and put a strain on their relationship, and that is a risk she has to take.

They will only be able to find solutions to the problem after they have talked about it. By being open with him, Gina may be able to receive the sexual stimulation she needs and that will improve their physical relationship. They can try penile extenders which are available at sex toy shops or can be ordered online. Vibrators are also available which they can use to stimulate Gina’s clitoris when having intercourse or during those times when he just wants to please her. Her boyfriend can be resourceful and use the vibrator to masturbate her or perform oral sex on her before or after intercourse.

There are also penis enlargement techniques and penis enhancement programs for problems like this. The first solution is surgery, but it is not highly recommended because it can be very expensive and intrusive. Very few men will willingly go through penile surgery, and women should not ask that their lover undergo this procedure.

Other solutions are mechanical enlargement techniques which include penis pumps and stretching rights. These solutions can be slightly effective, but may weaken and tear the penis’ delicate tissues. There are even doubts that pumps can have a positive effect at all; and there are differing opinions as to the efficacy of mechanical techniques.

They can also try exercises like the jelq and some special stretching movements. These exercises may effectively lengthen the penis, but they require knowledge and regular effort. And then there are the penis pills, which are usually effective in increasing the size of the penis. It will all depend on what Penis pills you choose to take, as there are always scams and rip offs if you do not watch what you are getting.

It is obvious that in some situations, size can really make a difference, not only in the satisfaction and joy that can be derived from the sexual act, but in the general aspects of a man-woman relationship.

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