Do I have a small Penis? Is It Normal?

Misconception of The Small Penis

Generally, men have a distorted view of the normal penis size. It is a fact that “average” has not been defined until recently. In a study published in the Journal of Urology dated September 1996, it was concluded that an average flaccid penile length is 8.8 cm or 3 ? inches and an average erect penis length is 12.8 cm or 5 inches. Moreover, if was found from women’s magazine surveys that they consider that “size does not matter.” In spite of all these, men remain fixated on an having an 8 to 10 inch penis.

Some men do not even realize and appreciate what they have. The penis of an obese man, for example gets concealed by a suprapubic fat pad, making the penis look shorter. When you press firmly on the fatty tissue, the true penile length will be revealed. This matter is patiently explained to individuals by medical practitioners, but a man who wants a larger penis is hard to convince that what he has is average.

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Women are attracted by a man with confidence. It is something that they sense right away when they meet a man. There is this “not a care in the world” aura exuded by confident men. They have that knowing glint in their eye and a stance that tells people he knows what he’s up to. If you have gained this kind of confidence because of your improved penis size, you will enjoy more attention than before from members of the opposite sex.

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