Ideal penis size – Does perfect penis size Really Exist?

If the ideal penis size really does exist the questions are these: what is it, who has it and how can you get it?

All of us have seen ads featuring a whole range of products for sale designed to help us achieve goals like ideal body weight and other things of that nature. However, those weight loss ads have been outnumbered recently by a different type of advertising campaign. What are being offered now are products that promise to supply the ideal penis size!
If the goal is the ideal penis size, the question is who are those wanting to achieve it and how do they expect to achieve their goal?

The average penis size is about 6 inches long which can make you depressed or happy, after determining how you measure up. Generally, black males may have penises longer than this, while Asian males may have shorter ones. Typically women are happy with a 6-inch penis because for most women it is not always the penis length that is important to them. Many women will tell you that the length does not really matter, because the girth is equally important. Based on these remarks, what really is the ideal penis size? Is the ideal penis size the average size or a size bigger than average. And what does bigger exactly mean? Is it bigger in length, in girth or what?

Who Decides What The Ideal Size Is?

What should really matter to you is how WOMEN perceive your penis, not how it compares to the penises of adult film stars or blowhards on the Internet. We have surveyed, interviewed and consulted many women extensively on this subject. We therefore know pretty well the answer given my majority of women regarding their preference in penis size.

Most women want a penis size that is at least average because they can be visually attractive. It is hard for some women to get turned on when the penis they are looking at is much smaller than the penis of most of the guys they had sex before. You should therefore want to be on the right side of average, or larger than at least 50% of the competition, even if you cannot hope to be hung like Tommy Lee or an adult film star.

What is average? There has been numerous studies regarding this subject and they report different numbers, but the majority of the studies and the results of the more reputable ones put the size at 6.5 inches long and 5 inches around. So, if you have measured yourself and you find that you are smaller than that, you will want to at least aspire for that size.

What do women really find ideal beyond average? Is the saying “bigger is better” really true without limits? We say not at all. When watching adult films, women who have sex with guys who are obscenely large do not really exhibit genuine pleasure. There are times that you can see they are experiencing discomfort, although they try very hard to hide it. You don’t really need a 9 or 10 inch penis to make satisfying love to a woman. Some women I know told me they refused to have sex with a guy who whipped out a grotesquely large member because of fear that it might rip her apart or hurt too much.

The Ideal Size Of A Penis Is All In The Head

Guys sneak a peek and compare themselves with other guys which is the cause of some problems. Sneaking a look when someone is taking a pee or overestimating the bulge in someone’s short can only lead to feelings of inadequacy. This method cannot be an accurate way to guessing and calculating how big the penis of the other guy is. However, this practice is the most common reason males become anxious and concerned about the size of their penis. This is also the main reason why they daydream about that ideal penis size.

Guys Think All Porn Stars Have The Ideal Penis Size

It’s a true fact! Most males look up at porn stars thinking they are blesses with a giant penis. They think the porn stars possess what is every woman’s image of the ideal penis size and a rock-hard erection they can die for.

However, this belief is completely wrong and just another misconception. In fact, it is wrong in 2 instances because:
1. Most women say they do not enjoy a penis that is too big because sex can be painful
2. Not all porn stars are over-endowed sex gods

It will all depend in the man to know how to use his equipment. Even if they have the right size but still cannot satisfy his sex partner, then the right size is just a waste.

The Ideal Size Is Still Achievable!

Even though there is no total agreement on the ideal penis size among various groups on the exact length and girth; it is possible and desirable to improve on what nature has endowed you with. You should set your goal for your ideal penis size and strive to achieve it!

There is a proven and totally guaranteed way to improve the size of your penis.

It can be tricky to find out exactly how to achieve your ultimate goal and successfully enhance your penis without getting ripped off. The penis enlargement business has recently become a literal minefield seeded with scams, false promises and downright lies.

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