Micropenis and Penis Enlargement

When men have a penis under 2 inches, it is sometimes called a micropenis and these cases are when men may need penis enlargement surgery. This condition is usually detected by doctors or parents immediately after birth or shortly thereafter. According to statistics, only 0.6% of males belong to the group of men with a micropenis. Boys in their adolescence will sometimes be afraid that they have this condition. However, many of them simply have excess fat near and around their pubic area. Some others may just be experiencing delayed puberty. They just need to wait as their penis is still growing.

Micropenis is a clinical term where micro means very small, so it denotes a very small penis. A man born with a very small penis is not considered a medical problem, unless there is pain in and around the penis or the organ is not functioning as it should. However, we have been conditioned to think of things and label things as normal in size or form. Because we look for the normal to denote health at birth, infants with very small penises may be labeled as cases in need of medical attention, even if the problem is not really medical in nature.

What Causes Micropenises?

Micropenis can be the result of a problem in later fetal development. The common cause of a micropenis can be traced to chromosomal and hormonal problems. It can also be the result of problems in the making of, or the response of the boy to androgen. According to research, penile development in fetuses goes through two stages. The first stage is when the development of the penis and scrotum is triggered in early fetal development. The second stage is when androgen influences the growth of the penis in latter fetal development. It is suggested that micropenis occurs when the first stage happens, but the second stage do not; so the penis was developed but did not grow.

There can be many other reasons why someone is born with a micropenis, as micropenis is only a description of sex organ. A third of all people born with a micropenis do not really fit into a category that will explain the cause of the condition or why some men suffer from it and others don’t. Many men who think they have a micropenis would not even fit the clinical diagnosis. If you are worried that you have a micropenis, the first thing to do is consult your doctor.

Treatment of Micro Penis

In most cases, the treatment for micropenises is surgery. Surgery however is not advisable for children, and they are usually treated with simple hormone injections. Initial evaluation of micropenises can be misdiagnosed and the child mistaken for a female but because of DNA and genetic testing, this is easily resolved nowadays.

Men with micropenis can be afflicted with many psychological problems, as society expects and accepts women with vaginas and men with penises. An individual who has something that is neither or in between may feel awkward socially and is advised to seek professional counseling so he can deal with his problem.

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