What is The Average Penis Size?

Sex is fundamental in the life of a healthy, normal adult, and when you feel insecure and nervous whenever there is a possibility of a sexual encounter or gets embarrassed and ashamed in a gym’s shower room with the guys, you have a hang-up about the size of your penis.

Whether you like it or not, the genes inherited from your parents plays a large part in the size of your penis. Luckily, there are penis enlargement products that are widely available today and this means you do not have to suffer the embarrassment of a penis small than average. According to studies, the average erect penis size is from 5.9 to 6.5 inches with the girth at around 4.8 inches on the average. If you have measured your penis and its size is somewhere around this range, you should take comfort in the fact that your penis is of average size. If you don’t measure up or if you like your penis to be even BETTER and BIGGER than average, we have a compilation of the most effective and safest Penis Enlargement Programs available on the market today!

Every male is guilty of that quick glancing and comparing while in locker rooms or while in adjacent urinals. Men are always curious to see how they measure up in relation to penis size. Below is a list of penis facts to find out how you measure up.

  • An erect penis, on the average is about 5.6 – 6 inches long
  • Approximately 90% of men’s penis are of average size
  • By age 50, the penis length of an average man will be shorter by ? inch
  • Over 95% of men have a smaller and under developed penis than what is possible for them.
  • Most women need only the first few inches of a penis for sexual satisfaction.

Average penis size


“What is the average penis size?” is a question that many men keep wondering about. This section makes the analysis for you and gives an explanation of the various physical and psychological aspects related to penis size. The average penis size of most men is approximately 6.5 inches. Men whose penises are smaller than this can be plagued by various physical and psychological problems.

Quick Points:

  • Average Penis Size = 6.5 Inches
  • Average Desired Penis Size = 8.5 Inches

Men who think they are less than average, for instance have feelings of insecurity and may experience some difficulties with their love life and sex life. The past few years have been hard on men with the proliferation of porn showing big and monster penises. It is a difficult psychological struggle for men to measure up and some get the indirect effects of inadequacy for life.

The traction device has been developed by medical practitioners to solve this problem and so that men will get the added length they need or want. Information related to these devices and how efficient they can be in treating erectile dysfunction can be found throughout the site. The devices are also designed to improve sexual stamina and increase penis size.


In an interview of 1,500 women conducted by “Psychology Today”, it was found that majority of them prefer sleeping with a man whose penis girth is thicker. The reason they gave for this preference is the greater stimulation of the clitoris by a thicker penis, causing a more intense orgasm faster. The average man’s erect penis measures around 12.3 cm or 4.85 inches in girth.

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