Small Penis Sex Positions

On the average, an erect penis should be around six inches in length. But there are millions who fall short of this measurement and if you are one of them, you may be apprehensive that your penis size can affect your sexual performance. You need not worry because although a big sized penis can be advantageous, it is the width and not really the length that matters. In addition, women do not really enjoy their cervices getting rammed, which happen often when a man’s penis is too long. Painful intercourse is not sexy, and there are many women who complain when a man’s penis is too large. The truth is that the right combination of foreplay and stimulation can get a woman sexually satisfied, whether the male has a small penis or large penis. Read on as we talk about the best small penis sex positions and how to get the most pleasure out of them.

Before You Get Inside

It is obvious that there’s a great deal more to good sex than penetration. Most adult males fully acknowledge the benefits of foreplay. A man with a small-sized penis should take advantage of this and prolong foreplay to the point that his partner is completely aroused. The closer she is to achieving orgasm before the start of actual penetration, the easier it will be for her to reach her climax via one of our small penis sex positions.

Focus On Foreplay

Foreplay should include all acts your woman enjoys doing and being done to her. Kissing and caressing are always stimulating, but do not limit your techniques to the old standbys. You should be inventive if you really want to rock her world. At the start, some sexy pillow talk will get her in the mood. Sex toys are very useful and be sure they are on hand. Some women are a bit kinky, and sensual biting or even a bit of spanking can set her off. Lavishing her with attention that you know she will respond to is the key to great intercourse. You should get her so hot with foreplay that she will not be able to help herself and beg for you to enter her.

Stimulate The Clitoris

Before the sexual intercourse, you should spend a longer period stimulating her clitoris as much as she can handle. You can do this either by oral sex or manual stimulation. Make sure she reaches her climax at least once before you proceed to sexual penetration. This method will help alleviate any performance anxiety you might be feeling once you are ready to do the following small penis sex positions.

The Positions

The Doggie

The doggie, when performed at the correct angle can make even a small penis feel big. You will want her in a comfortable position, her head and shoulders comfortably on the pillow, with her bottom raised high in the air. Creating the most effective angle with her back arched and her thighs drawn together will cause the most delicious friction during penetration. The doggie is the easiest of the small penis sex positions on our list; but it is one of the most popular.

Bite-sized tip: During penetration, you should lean forward and maintain as much physical contact as is manageable. This will maximize her feeling of intimacy, enabling her to feel the physical stimulation and reach her sexual peak very quickly.

The Snake

The snake is a small penis sex position where the woman is lying flat on her belly and her legs closed. For the sake of ease and greater comfort, a pillow should be slipped beneath her hips so that her bottom will arch upward and become more accessible. Keep your knees bent while straddling her hips. Maintain an upright position while placing your genitals just behind her bottom. Spread her thighs gently with an opening just enough for you to slide your way in and begin penetration. During this intercourse, you should take care to keep your weight off her body. If you need to brace yourself, bend forward until you have touched the bed – but don’t detract too much from the position.

Bite-sized tip: Holding her thighs together as you are penetrating her will give you the feeling of tightness and greater friction. This position is also excellent if you are both into sexy spanking.

The Rabbit Ears

The woman should be lying down on her back, with her things spread and her legs drawn up with her knees close to her ears on both sides. By slipping a pillow under her bottom, her vagina will be in a better angle best suited for the rabbit ears small penis sex position. At the point of penetration, you will both feel like you are completely filling her vagina. Once the excitement becomes extreme however, the woman may find it difficult to hold her legs in position. It is suggested that you use your arms to hold her knees in place by bracing yourself on the bed barring the crook of her knee in place.

Bite-sized tip: This position is excellent as she can masturbate during sex. You can encourage her to slip her hand between your bodies and stimulate her clitoris while your penis is inside her vagina and you are rocking back and forth.

The V-Formation

With the v-formation, the woman is lying on her back and you are between her thighs. You enter her normally just like you would if you are in a kneeling position. You then raise her legs up by grasping each one around the ankle. You are going to keep her legs up entirely and spread them apart until they resemble a letter “V.” Your thrusts will be very deep in this V-Formation small penis sex position, so you should brace yourself palms against the wall or the headboard. You can drape her legs over your shoulders so you can continue your thrusts without losing the position.

Bite-sized tip: This is an excellent position for teasing her clitoris and exciting her even more. Rest one of her legs on your shoulder to free one of your hands and start stimulating her clit until she screams in joy.

Prime Positions

There is so much emphasis on size in pornographic literature, but the truth is that a woman will achieve orgasm with a penis of any size, provided that the male is inventive and can make the most of what he has. It means you need to stimulate her clitoris during sexual intercourse, but that is also the case with a large penis. What matters most is foreplay and stimulation. A man’s tongue can do wonders to give her woman a good orgasm. Combined with our small penis sex positions, foreplay will make your woman more than satisfied, and that is a promise.

Thinking his penis is much smaller than average is a great ego killer for all men. It is important for you to understand that in all likelihood, your penis is not as small as you think it is compared to most other males around you.

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