What is a Small Penis?

There are many men who think that their penis should be 5 to 6 inches to be considered normal and that women like men with even larger penises! The Department of Andrology and Sexology of Cairo University, however conducted studies recently and the results showed that this is a misconception. The findings in this study has been published in the Journal of Urology and suggests the need of Sex Education treatment for men complaining of short-sized penises.

The study has been conducted involving 92 men who were complaining of having short penises when flaccid or erect. It was conducted for over 2 years and findings show that 72% were unhappy with their penis when it was flaccid while only 28% were unhappy with the size of their penis when erect. The study points out that Sex Education may change a male’s attitude about his penis so that none of the males will suffer erectile dysfunction.

The study began by learning about the length of time the study participants have been complaining, and determining the sexual habits of all the men involved in the study. They were able to determine that majority of the men have inflated beliefs of what is the normal size of a male penis when flaccid and erect. The participants were then given a questionnaire to understand and determine the best treatment and how to proceed.

Most of the men changed their views drastically after an andrologist gave them extensive tutoring and getting each of them measured. The sessions gave them a more realistic and general view. The number of men who agreed to move forward and undergo more drastic measures so that their penis size will improve.

From this study, it has been proven that the majority of people were receiving wrong information, and this makes the average male feel that they are less than what they should be. Sex education treatment and clinical measurement may be able to help give men back their confidence with a bigger penis through surgery or other solutions like a penis extender. The result will be an increase in the overall confidence of the average man if they are properly informed what to expect!

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